"The photographer has only one thing above the painter, and that is the instant moment.  This wonderful freezing of time.  It is a complex situation, for in a split second, the photographer has to visually arrange the light and composition to meet the subject, to capture the mood, to become involved in the situation and above all feel a certain empathy."
Joan Wakelin Hon. FRPS

"....pictorial photography is an expression of an idea rather than a copy of a thing or a record of an occurrence.  Composition and technique are important, but they must be used as guides, not as if they were inviolable laws."
H. A. Murch FRPS

Richard Walton's gallery contains 199 photos.


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USA - 2007
(Contains 23 photos)
I flew to the States in September 2007 with the specific intention of photographing parts of the Arizona stretch of the old Route 66. This, together with side trips to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, the Petrified Forest and Meteor Crator, yielded the photographs in this portfolio, most of which are yet to be titled.

I'll be back...........
Blue-Window--Door Spain
(Contains 19 photos)
I am fortunate in that I have a good friend with a house around 20 miles inland from Almeria just outside the village of Tabernas. The area is home to the only geological desert in Europe and became famous in the 1960s when a whole raft of 'Spagetti Westerns' were filmed in the surrounding badlands. Some of the filmsets have been preserved and are now tourist attractions. They offer endless photo opportunities. This is also the land of the Peublo Blanco, the white villages of Andalucia, which have yielded many images for me over the years including many in monochrome that were included in the panel of prints with which I achieved the Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2001.
Pillars in Perspective Monochrome - A retrospective
(Contains 42 photos)
My first love is, and always has been, black and white photography. However, with the rapid advancement of digital imaging, I find traditional silver-based work less appealing. Digital production is so much easier and more versatile, a fact which is, of course, only apparent if one's been bought up with traditional silver work as I have.

As I no longer have my darkroom set up, this gallery has become very much a retrospective collection of some of my favourite images, all of which are a minimum of 6 years old.

The few digital monochrome images I now produce can be found in the other galleries. I plan to do much more monochrome in the future.

The Mural The British Museum
(Contains 5 photos)
A friend and fellow member of the Royal Photographic Society works at The British Museum so I can combine a chat over a cup of coffee or a spot of lunch with a few hours snapping.

The Museum offers amazing photographic potential, both outside and in. The Great Court alone has yielded many images for me. In the last couple of years the museum has been 'discovered' by increasing numbers of photographers and it is becoming more and more difficult to produce anything original.
If Carlsberg did children........... A Miscellany!
(Contains 68 photos)
This is a collection of odds and sods, mainly taken in the UK. They don't seem to fit into pre-defined slots, so this seemed like a good place for them!
Untitled France & Belgium
(Contains 11 photos)
Living so very close to the port of Dover and also the Channel Tunnel means that a trip to mainland Europe is as easy as it can be. Over the years, I've spent many highly productive days in both France and Belgium. This portfolio contains some of the many images in my files.
Artists Impression 3 Istanbul - 2009
(Contains 11 photos)
In early 2009, I found I had enough Airmiles to take a short break, including flight and accomodation, to European city of my choice. I wanted to go somewhere that was completely new to me so chose Istanbul. I was there for 3 days, but the weather was such that I lost one complete day of photography.

The best of my efforts are showcased in this gallery.
Heygate Estate
(Contains 20 photos)
Replacing slum tenements and completed in 1974, the Heygate Estate was once home to more than 3000 people, and over the years became one of the most notorious examples of urban decay in the UK. Once synonymous with drugs, violent crime and poverty, it now awaits demolition as part of the controversial £1.5bn regeneration of the Walworth area of south east London. A programme of re-housing was instigated by Southwark Council in 2007 and as at August 2013, just 2 residents remain, awaiting forced eviction.

Heygate today is a sad and dilapidated place that has become a mecca for exponents of urban graffiti, which adorns virtually every accessible surface. Some examples display a very high degree of artistic merit, while others are little more than crude vandalism.

In undertaking this project, rather than produce a simple catalogue, I sought to show the graffiti within the context of the dilapidation of Heygate, together with the detritus left behind by the anonymous artists.

The final image ('Lost the Plot') sums up the story, the failure of planners to recognise that the back to back housing pulled down for the original Heygate project would kill the close knit community spirit and spawn a monster.